Shadows of Hope

Shadows of Hope

Genette Sørensen
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Shadows of Hope is an extension of the first novel, A Life in a Moment. It focuses on the lives of Peter and Katrine, who are the parents to Gunther and Genette, as well as the influential character, Lizbet Valdon. There is a surprising connection between the Australian family where Gunther had found refuge, and that of Caroline, a Danish girl determined to find the truth towards her brothers’ death. What happens to their families before and after the War, and the life altering events that provide insight to why people may change.

Uddrag af bogen
"A child, who’s…?" questioned Peter. "We must take him back to his family", said Katrine. "Should we call the Police now?" stated Albert. Everyone was talking and asking so many questions all at once. Irena’s head started to hurt, her heart ached. All she could do was kneel in front of this sleeping child and thank God he was safe. She felt tears welling in her eyes, and a lump came to her throat made it hard to speak. What was she going to tell them? She felt a hand on her shoulder. "Is this your child Irena?" She looked up into Peter’s eyes. "No, he is now yours!" was all she could say. "Please promise me, and for the safety of your family, that you don’t ever contact the Police. One day I hope I have the freedom to tell you everything". She bent down to kiss the child on the brow. Leaving behind this family in the hope he will have a safe and happy life. She walked out into the sunshine, with a shadow of hope that the world is unaware of the child she left behind with Peter and Katrine.

About the author
The Australian writer, Genette Sørensen, has lived in Haderslev, Denmark with her family for the last fifteen years. She has found the resources to achieve a long-time passion for writing, finding inspiration from family and friends, both Australian and Danish. Genette continues the journey of depicting family tales with historical elements. What was once a fun time interest writing children’s stories for her three nieces, has now developed into a fully-fledged hobby
Discovering family roots may lead to lives in a tangled web.
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