Green Therapy

Green Therapy

David BR Camacho, Robert S. Ehlers, Sanne Rimpler
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A Book About Nature-Based Psychotherapy
Welcome to the first book on the European market that describes what the concept of nature-based psychotherapy is. It is a highly topical method, described in a broad-spectrum work, which is both historical because it involves the great thinkers through time and in parallel evaluates the psychology of evolution, in line with the fact that it also brings both humanism and existentialism to frame this whole conceptual world in an exploratory and perspective way. The book is scientific, with a lot of useful technical information, and it is philosophical on a thoughtful and relevant level of abstraction. It is also a practical introduction to the body’s various motor and biochemical properties, with in-depth descriptions of its function and benefits in relation to moving around in nature. The central plot of the book is that we work conscientiously with ourselves in order to re-establish the connection to nature.

Excerpt from the book
Nature-based psychotherapy is a direction in which we seek to form and develop our nature consciousness. The aim is to cultivate the recognition, that we all are a part of nature. Therefore, the direction seeks to integrate the understanding of the existentialistic and transpersonal psychotherapy, as well as the body-oriented and the systemic psychotherapy.
About the authors
David BR Camacho is a psychotherapist, writer and nature therapist. Robert S. Ehlers is a writer, visual artist and reviewer. Sanne Rimpler is a physiotherapist, psychotherapist, and nature therapist.
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