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Beyond Television

Beyond Television

Andreas Halskov
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TV Production in the Multiplatform Era
Since the cable revolution of the 1990s and early 2000s, the TV landscape has changed dramatically. Beyond Television explores the modern mediascape and changes in television production through analyses of prominent TV series (e.g. True Detective, Transparent, Better Call Saul, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks: The Return and Euphoria) and interviews with more than 100 people from the industry, including David Chase, David Simon, Mary Harron, Nic Pizzolatto, Beau Willimon, Tricia Brock, Jesse Armstrong, Jay Duplass, Joel Fields, Tom Fontana, Angela Kang, Peter Gould, Derek Cianfrance, Tom Perrotta, Sabrina Sutherland and Sam Levinson.

'Andreas Halskov's Beyond Television: TV Production in the Multiplatform Era is, quite simply, a tour de force work on American television from the first golden age to the present era of 'TV Plenty' or post-TV. Halskov's skill is his extensive knowledge of television and scholarly approaches towards the medium. His passionate engagement with the production of TV, how it is disseminated and its impact on the European television industry is palpable, and it makes for an immersive, informative and entertaining read. This book is a 'must-buy' for TV scholars and students as well as a general reading public interested in the history of today's dominant entertainment medium.'
- Prof. Kim Akass (co-author of Quality TV and TV's Betty Goes Global).

Andreas Halskov (b. 1981) holds an MA in Film Studies from Copenhagen University. Halskov is a lecturer in Media Studies, and he works as a film and TV expert in different media and as a curator of film historical screenings for The Danish Film Institute (DFI), besides being an editor of the scholarly film journal 16:9. Halskov has published numerous articles and books, and he has co-written and edited three anthologies about modern American TV drama (Fjernsyn for viderekomne, 2011), film and TV comedy (Helt til grin, 2017) and television in the age of streaming (Streaming for viderekomne, 2020). He has also contributed to international anthologies (e.g. Global TV Horror, eds. Lorna Jowett & Stacey Abbott) and written an English book called TV Peaks: Twin Peaks and Modern Television Drama (2015), and he has worked on a documentary project with HBO Nordic and hosted various industry seminars and talks, e.g. at Aarhus Series Festival.
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