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Air pollution

Air pollution

from a local to a global perspective
Air pollution is as old as the use of fire. But in the course of time it has
changed from an indoor, ´here and now´ phenomenon over urban pollution to transboundary pollution with widespread impacts on nature and man and a time scale of years.

In recent decades the impacts have expanded to global scale with the greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer possibly changing the living conditions for man and nature over the next centuries.

Air Pollution - from a local to a global perspective describes this development seen primarily from a European point of view, but also in a wider perspective. It is written by a group of Danish experts and edited to a comprehensive presentation.

The book is primarily aimed at university students at graduate level, but the technical staff in official institutions and consulting companies can also read it with benefit.

Jes Fenger has originally a Ph.D. and a D.Sc. in radiochemistry, but has in recent decades been more interested in conventional air pollution, notably the impacts of increased greenhouse effect and climate change. He has a versatile experience from participation in work for OECD, EU, NMR and IPCC. He is formally retired, but still active at the Danish National Environmental Research Institute, University of Aarhus.

Jens Christian Tjell, Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry. He is now Professor emeritus at The Technical University of Denmark. He has had an international career in the IAEA, and has participated in in numerous projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. He is presently acting as visiting professor at universities in Singapore and Thailand.
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    RSC Publishing. Polyteknisk Forlag
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